July 19, 2018


Click here for a PDF version of the webcast presentation slides.

During our most recent Global Energy webcast, Portfolio Managers Will Riley and Jonathan Waghorn discuss:

  • Oil prices: What have been the key drivers of oil price moves over the last twelve months? Where do oil prices now sit in the context of previous cycles?
  • Oil demand: The global GDP juggernaut versus the rise of EVs – who wins?
  • Non-OPEC supply: How is US shale responding to rising oil prices? How relevant are our constraints in the Permian basin? What are the prospects for rest of non-OPEC supply?
  • OPEC strategy: How does OPEC navigate the Iran nuclear deal, Venezuela and the Saudi Aramco IPO?
  • Investment opportunities: With capital discipline and improving free cashflow in the energy sector now being rewarded by the market over growth, where are the best opportunities?


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