Important Changes at Guinness Atkinson Funds

December 2014

Effective December 8, 2014, The Guinness Atkinson Inflation Managed Dividend Fund will now be known as the Guinness Atkinson Dividend Builder Fund.  The new name better describes the Fund’s investment philosophy of seeking dividend growth. There will be no changes to the investment philosophy, methodology or objective.  The Fund will continue to seek moderate dividend income that is meant to grow at a rate that exceeds inflation. The symbol will remain GAINX.

The Guinness Atkinson Asia Pacific Dividend Fund will now be known as the Guinness Atkinson Asia Pacific Dividend Builder Fund. This change better reflects the investment strategy and philosophy that is at the foundation of the Fund, which is to provide a moderate and growing dividend. The objective of the Fund remains the same. The symbol will remain GAADX.

The following four Guinness Atkinson Funds will no longer have a short-term redemption fee beginning December 8:

  • Alternative Energy Fund
  • Dividend Builder Fund (formerly Inflation Managed Dividend Fund)
  • Global Energy Fund
  • Global Innovators Fund

For now, we are maintaining the short-term redemption fee on our four Asia Funds.

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