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Jim Atkinson
Chief Executive Officer
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Tim Guinness
Chief Investment Officer, Fund Manager
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Edmund Harriss
Investment Director, Fund Manager
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Our innovative founders built this company on the steadfast belief that global change presents equity opportunities. Together, our leadership team continues to cultivate an environment that celebrates human progress, advocates rigorous original research and embraces hard work in endeavoring to turn those opportunities into a reality for investors.

Fund Management Team

Tim Guinness
Chief Investment Officer, Fund Manager
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Edmund Harriss
Investment Director, Fund Manager
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Edward Guinness
Fund Manager
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Dr. Ian Mortimer, CFA
Fund Co-Manager
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Matthew Page, CFA
Fund Co-Manager
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Will Riley
Fund Co-Lead Manager
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Jonathan Waghorn
Fund Co-Manager
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Our fund managers come from diverse disciplines, but they share an innovative vision, passion for research, optimistic outlook and sensitive intelligence – a constant awareness of what’s going on in the world around them. These motivated, independent thinkers thrive in an atmosphere of creative collaboration and lively debate.

Shareholder Service Team

At Guinness Atkinson, we believe that the striking combination of industry expertise, technological aptitude, customer service focus, and mid-western work ethic makes our Shareholder Service Team one of the industry’s finest.

This team provides friendly customer service and is ready to give you their undivided attention. Contact us for any reason, including:

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“I can’t help thinking that we are lucky to live in the 21st century.“
Jim Atkinson Chief Executive Officer

As you might deduce from the above quote, Jim is one of those annoyingly optimistic fellows who can’t wait to get out of the bed in the morning. He can often be heard saying things like, “Living standards have increased to the point that even the poorest in the industrialized world today have more than the King of England in 1500.” This is just one of the fun ‘Jim facts’ that fill our days. And while he never tires of gushing about this being his “dream job,” we should mention that, according to Jim, if he couldn’t do this he’d be a tugboat operator. He does not elaborate on that point.

Having spent more than 30 years in the world of finance and management, Jim exhibits a level of passion and motivation that we can only describe as “Jim Atkinson-like.” His level of expertise is rivaled only by his drive to expand his understanding of the global community. We estimate that he will tire of this as soon as he knows everything there is to know in the universe.

As a Founder of Guinness Atkinson Funds, Jim has been instrumental in developing the company’s philosophy and in identifying the core fund themes of human progress and profound change. For Jim, there’s never been a better time to be a human being, and this attitude shines through in everything he does. Even very early in the morning, before we’ve had caffeine.

Trend not to be overlooked: We can’t afford to miss the potential dominance of Asia and China.

Quick Stats

Jim Atkinson serves as the CEO and Chief Compliance Officer of Guinness Atkinson Asset Management, Inc., and the president of Guinness Atkinson Funds.

From 1993 to 2000, Jim was the managing director of Guinness Flight Global Asset Management, Ltd. (which merged with Investec in 1998).

Prior to 1993, he was a senior vice president of Huntington Advisers, a mutual fund manager specializing in foreign currency money funds.

In addition, Jim has served as the president of Max Funds and as the Principal at a mutual fund marketing research and consultancy firm.

Jim graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a degree in History and emphasis in History of Science & Technology. When not immersing himself in study, he served as President of the UCLA Debate Team.

“Progress is exciting— it’s an opportunity to meet new and complex challenges. And every Guinness Atkinson Fund presents an opportunity to invest in progress.“
Tim Guinness Chief Investment Officer, Fund Manager

As a Founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Guinness Atkinson Funds, Tim Guinness is a logic-based value investor with nearly 40 years of experience. He believes in hard work and discipline, subjecting stocks to a gauntlet of due diligence. His investment strategy, a draw not only for investors but also for those joining his team, involves a combination of crunching the numbers into a fine powder, constantly reviewing sectors and sub-sectors for profitability and growth potential, and staying sharply focused on the themes of global transformation and profound change.

Tim’s investment strategy also involves riding his bicycle to work in the morning – demonstrating a passion for life that equals his love for numbers. In fact, he founded the company on the basic principal that investment opportunities could be enhanced by focusing on specific global themes that are changing our lives today and will continue to do so long into the future. Tim and co-founder Jim Atkinson have an ongoing contest to see who can generate the most enthusiasm. Soon they will have to take out warehouse space to store it all.

Trend not to be overlooked: Energy demand growth in the developing world, which will likely be met by both traditional sources, like oil and gas, and renewable sources, like wind and solar.

Tim's Funds:
Global Energy Fund >
Global Innovators Fund >
Renminbi Yuan & Bond Fund >
Quick Stats

Tim Guinness has served as Guinness Atkinson’s Chairman and Chief Investment Officer since the firm’s founding in November 2002.

From 1999 to November 2002, he was Joint Chairman of Guinness Flight Global Asset Management, Ltd., and was the CEO from 1997 to 1999. While at Guinness Flight (which ultimately merged with Investec in 1998), Tim was a founding portfolio manager of the Global Equity Fund, which was established in 1985.

Tim graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in engineering. He then completed a Master’s Degree in Management Science at the Sloan School M.I.T. in the United States.

“It may sound like a cliché to refer to the “Asian Miracle” but I believe that the economic growth that has occurred in Asia throughout the last 30 years represents the greatest increase in the human condition for more people than any other event in human history.“
Edmund Harriss Investment Director, Fund Manager

Having managed the Asia Funds for over 14 years both from London and from Hong Kong, Edmund Harriss is dedicated to understanding the agents of change. It’s about making ourselves ready for the new world that is unfolding in front of our eyes. For Edmund there is nothing quite like studying companies and making the right investment call. He welcomes the sense of responsibility to all the people invested in his funds. He embraces that trust that has been placed in him, relishes the challenge, and enjoys nothing more than to deliver on those hopes.

In the process of translating grand transformational themes into a stock portfolio, Edmund seeks to understand businesses and to forecast a range of outcomes before making a final investment decision.

Trend not to be overlooked: Demographic change. The populations of the developed world are getting older while the developing economies are now the source of new workers. This trend presages a major shift in the balance of economic power in the world.

Edmund's Funds:
Asia Focus Fund >
Asia Pacific Dividend Builder Fund >
China & Hong Kong Fund >
Quick Stats

Joined Guinness Atkinson Asset Management in 2003 and also serves as investment director and board member.

Edmund graduated from Christ Church, University of Oxford, with a Masters degree in Management Studies and has a Bachelors degree in History from the University of York.

He is also an Associate of the Society of Investment Professionals.

“I can see the potential for 10 to 20 years of strong growth across the renewable energy industry. Energy supply may be the most pressing issue facing the planet today.“
Edward Guinness Fund Manager

It’s important to Edward Guinness to be part of a company that sets itself apart by thinking creatively. Edward manages our Alternative Energy Fund, which provides one of the best opportunities for the company to leverage its creative mindset.

Increase in global energy supply is essential for continued improvements to living standards throughout the world.  And with the prospect of electric vehicles, we expect electricity consumption in 20 years to be considerably higher than forecast today by the International Energy Agency, as historic demand forecasts have usually proved to be conservative.

Edward watches market trends unblinkingly, paying particular attention to new developments, resource shifts and innovations relating to alternative as well as mainstream energy. His experience and insight in identifying trends and his ability to combine forward thinking with traditional values such as hard work and discipline make him a good match for this fund.

Trend not to be overlooked: Growth in global electricity demand.

Edward's Funds:
Alternative Energy Fund >
Quick Stats

2013 Became Lead Manager of the Alternative Energy Fund

2007 Became co-manager of the Alternative Energy Fund

2006  Joined Guinness Atkinson

2003  Worked as merger arbitrage analyst for the Arbitrage Associates Fund at the Tiedemann Investment Group in New York

1998  Joined HSBC Investment Bank, where he worked in the Corporate Finance Department in the Energy & Utilities Team and in the Telecoms & Technology Team

1998  Graduated from Cambridge University with a Masters degree in Engineering and Management Studies


“The investment process can seem complex but in reality we're looking for companies that create wealth by enriching consumers.“
Dr. Ian Mortimer, CFA Fund Co-Manager

Massive, overwhelming quantities of data are a welcome sight to Dr. Ian Mortimer. With a background in physics and the skills he picked up while getting his doctorate—such as logical thinking, math, and data analysis—he is able to recognize patterns and meaning where others may see only chaos and noise.  Ian uses these skills on a daily basis at Guinness Atkinson.

His passion for his investment areas (Energy, Innovation, Dividends) helps keep him in tune with what’s happening throughout the world in all areas impacting global progress. He pays strict attention to stock price fluctuations and their constant movement as he analyzes the market. Yet for as much as he looks at the numbers when researching a potential investment opportunity, he also relies on personal interactions, analyzing a company’s passion, commitment, and potential success through the attitudes and actions of their corporate management.

Trend not to be overlooked: Companies’ ability to consistently innovate, with technologies, distribution chains or process efficiencies.

Ian's Funds:
Global Innovators Fund >
Dividend Builder Fund >
Quick Stats

2012  Began co-managing the Dividend Builder Fund

2011  Began co-managing the Global Innovators Fund

2010  Began co-managing the Global Energy Fund

2006  Joined Guinness Atkinson in December

2006  Graduated from Christ Church, University of Oxford, with a D.Phil in Physics.

2003  Graduated from University College London, University of London, with a First Class Honors Masters degree in Physics.


“The accelerating rate of change that is a part of our daily lives can be a challenge but this change can also present opportunities.“
Matthew Page, CFA Fund Co-Manager

Matthew Page, CFA has found identifying quality companies at good market valuations to be critical elements in selecting the companies he invests in. Whether an investor is seeking growth or income, he aims to find companies that demonstrate potential for a bright future.

As Co-Manager of the Global Innovators Fund and Dividend Builder Fund, Matthew lives with one foot in the future. He is hyper-vigilant when it comes to identifying innovations that will potentially advance the human condition.

Matthew believes that new investment opportunities present themselves to the informed, diligent and observant researcher. He has always found that insight is a product of hard work.

Trend not to be overlooked: Global demographic shifts that are driving demand for income producing assets.

Matthew's Funds:
Global Innovators Fund >
Dividend Builder Fund >
Quick Stats

Became Co-Manager of the Dividend Builder Fund

2010  Completed Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program

2010  Became Co-Manager of Global Innovators Fund

2007  Became Co-Manager of the Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Fund

2005  Joined Guinness Atkinson in September

2004  Joined Goldman Sachs on the graduate scheme, working in Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income

2004  Graduated from New College, University of Oxford, with a Masters degree in Physics

Dissertation: “Financial Markets as Complex Dynamical Systems” – an investigation into creating an agent-based model market and analyzing the effect on market volatility by altering constraints on trader strategies

“Global energy concerns are going to be absolutely central to political and social decisions that are made over the next decade.“
Will Riley Fund Co-Lead Manager

Will Riley has a mind for finance and a passion for global energy. With over twelve years in finance and eight years of valuation analysis, his goal is to find the most attractive investments across the global energy spectrum.

While mainstream energy is clearly an issue of central importance today, Will believes that interest in the sector will increase markedly as the combination of growing demand and dwindling supply signals a continued rise in energy prices. His simple enjoyment of analysis and his enthusiasm for the market continually drive him to find lucrative opportunities. And while he can spend hours pouring over spreadsheets and analyzing data, he also thrives on the spirited debates of the Guinness Atkinson team—a cornerstone of our investment process.

Trend not to be overlooked: The breadth of growth in oil demand across the developing world, not just from China.

Will's Funds:
Global Energy Fund >
Quick Stats

2014 Began co-lead managing the Global Energy Fund

2010  Began co-managing the Global Energy Fund

 Joined Guinness Atkinson in May, serving as a member of the energy investment team

 Qualified as a Chartered Accountant

 Joined PricewaterhouseCoopers; worked in the London Middle Market Assurance Team, then as a valuation specialist in the Valuation & Strategy Division

 Graduated from Cambridge University with a Masters degree in Geography


Jonathan Waghorn Fund Co-Manager

Jonathan Waghorn is well known and regarded in the energy sector for his rigorous and disciplined investment process. With over 17 years of experience working in the energy investment sector, his investment process is one that has been sharply honed.

With a master’s degree in physics, Jonathan is able to bring a highly analytical and tactical approach to observing the always evolving energy market. As an accomplished energy equity researcher and portfolio manager, he thrives on analyzing data trends in order to find exciting investment opportunities. His unrivaled passion for energy and its importance in the ongoing evolution of the world’s population makes him a valuable member of the Guinness Atkinson team.


Trend not to be overlooked: the inability of the world’s producing countries to deliver sufficient oil and gas volumes to satisfy the long term demand outlook


References to other funds should not be considered an offer of these securities.

Jonathan's Funds:
Energy >
Quick Stats


1995 – Graduated from University of Bristol with a Masters degree in physics.

1996 – Drilling engineer for Shell International in the Netherlands

1998 – Oil and gas research analyst for Wood Mackenzie Global Consultants

2000 –Oil and gas equity analyst for Goldman Sachs International

2008 – Became co-portfolio manager of Investec Global Energy Funds.

2013 – Joined Guinness Atkinson as co-portfolio manager of Global Energy Fund.


References to other funds should not be considered an offer of these securities.