Investing in Human Progress

The human condition has never been better. And better still, we think the best is yet to come. That's why we're believers – and investors – in human progress.

Investing in Asia

Asia’s economic revolution has lifted close to a billion people out of poverty and into the middle class. We believe their journey from producers to consumers will likely be an enriching experience for the rest of the world.

Investing in Dividends

The mighty dividend. Very simply, it is the distribution of a portion of corporate profits to its owners. But the dividend isn’t at all simple. It has the ability to grow, and with time and reinvestment, can be very mighty indeed.

Investing in Energy

In emerging countries, mass industrialization and a growing middle class are putting extraordinary pressure on energy demand – just as fossil fuels are getting harder and more expensive to extract. The time is ripe for traditional as well as greener energy technologies.

Investing in Innovation

Businesses that succeed often innovate rapidly to stay ahead of today’s accelerating pace of change. They don’t apply just best practices – they apply next practices. Here’s your chance to reap potential rewards from the global business revolution.

Dividend Investment Calculator
An easy way to demonstrate the power of dividends

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Dividend Investment Calculator
Use this dividend investment calculator to see how various elements can have an impact on a future dividend income stream. How important is your rate of savings compared to the rate of return? How important is time compared to the growth of a dividend? How important is inflation to the estimated income stream?
Change your assumptions in the fields below and quickly see how they impact future estimated income. Print some of your results to compare various estimated outcomes based on changes in the initial assumptions. Be careful: engaging with the dividend income calculator can be addictive.
Your Assumptions
Initial Investment
(e.g. $10,000)
Monthly Additional Investment
(e.g. $200)
Assumed Dividend Growth Rate
(e.g. average 5%)
Assumed Dividend Yield
(e.g. average 3.2%)
Assumed Reinvestment Duration
(e.g. years until retirement)
Assumed Inflation Rate
(e.g. average 4.1%)
Assumed Growth Rate of Share Price
(e.g. average 4.8%)
Current Age
(Does not affect dollar amounts)
The projections or other information generated by Dividend Investment Calculator regarding the likelihood of various investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature, do not reflect actual investment results and are not guarantees of future results.
Dividend Calculations
After entering your assumptions, check the dividend calculations that appear here. Change any of your assumptions and recalculate to see how various assumptions affect dividend projections.