Why Human Progress?

From life expectancy and infant mortality to per capita income, food production and leisure time, the human condition has shown dramatic improvement over the last century. Despite the negative drumbeat of cynics and naysayers, we not only believe that things are better than ever, we think the best is yet to come. Human progress is most striking in the emerging world, where a growing middle class is creating wealth on a massive scale. Dramatic improvements sweeping across Asia are having a profound effect on the rest of the planet. Investment opportunities abound as developing regions become the world’s customers, clients, vendors, partners and manufacturers. Even the challenges associated with increased energy demands and environmental concerns present opportunities for companies with the imagination and thought leadership to innovate. The story of human progress is intrinsic to every Guinness Atkinson Fund. We’re optimistic that the human condition is improving, and we’re dedicated to taking advantage of the transformation by investing in human progress.

A Philosophy

We see global change as an equity opportunity. Our funds focus on the themes of human progress poised to transform our world over the next 50 years and beyond:

  • Dramatic growth in China and a 21st century dominated by Asia
  • Rapidly increasing global energy demand
  • Rising energy costs coupled with ever-tightening fossil fuel supplies
  • Environmental concerns and the shift to alternative energy
  • Innovation in business efficiency and the New Economy
  • The challenge of finding long-term income in a low-yield economy

An Investment Strategy

We think investment opportunities will arise from meeting the manufacturing and consumer needs of the emerging world and identifying innovative solutions in the developed world. We employ a rigorous, disciplined investment process that focuses on in-depth fundamental research, including measurements of quality, value, earnings trends and price momentum. Our primary research allows us to build a portfolio of companies that we understand thoroughly: how they operate, where their performance and returns come from, cash flows, risks and reassurance from the marketplace. There’s no place for gut feelings or second-hand information in our process for investing in human progress.