Why Innovation?

The implications of technology, globalism, and communications have forever changed the world of business. While the fit may survive, it’s the innovative that thrive. Companies must relentlessly question all assumptions related to their business operations.

Innovation is often associated with technology, but it’s much more than the latest software or electronic gadget. Business innovations can be found in better ways of doing almost anything: product development, supply chain management, marketing and sales, process efficiency or a host of other competitive advantages. Innovation helps companies overcome the forces of competition and attain longevity, even during times of inflation.

We believe innovation is the theme that will dominate the western world in our current century as it continues to take hold in the developing world. At Guinness Atkinson Funds, we’re optimistic about opportunities available in companies that create value through original thinking, imagination and thinking one step ahead of the rest of the world and we aim to do the same

Innovation Matters

Explore in this whitepaper what is Innovation, its role in successful companies and how Guinness Atkinson identifies Innovators for the Global Innovators Fund.

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