The Guinness Atkinson Funds Story

Tim Guinness and Jim Atkinson share years of experience in financial management and a keen passion for understanding global transformation. They founded Guinness Atkinson on the principle that investment opportunities can be enhanced when you understand and capitalize on the global forces that are changing our lives today – and will continue to do so long into the future. Scroll through the highlights of our unfolding story:

November 1993

British Invasion II

Guinness Flight Global Asset Management, Ltd. establishes a U.S. Division: Guinness Flight US.

June 1994

First US Funds

Guinness Flight US launches its first US-based funds, including the China & Hong Kong Fund.

April 1996

Asia Focus Fund Launched

Guinness Flight launches the Asia Focus Fund.

September 1998

Investec Acquires Guinness Flight

Guinness Flight is acquired by Investec, a South African bank. The Global Innovators Fund is launched.

November 2002

Guinness Atkinson Asset Mgmt. Formed

Forward-thinking, value-oriented investment managers from the London and US offices of Guinness Flight found Guinness Atkinson Asset Management.

April 2003

New Management

Guinness Atkinson Asset Management assumes full management of the Guinness Atkinson Funds.

June 2004

Global Energy Fund

Recognizing new opportunities in energy, Guinness Atkinson launches the Global Energy Fund.

March 2006

Two New Funds

Guinness Atkinson launches the Alternative Energy Fund and the Asia Pacific Dividend Builder Fund (formerly known as Asia Pacific Dividend Fund).

June 2011

Renminbi Fund

As the Chinese government relaxes currency restrictions, Guinness Atkinson launches the Renminbi Yuan & Bond Fund.

March 2012

New Dividend Fund

Using original analysis and methodology, Guinness Atkinson launches the Dividend Builder Fund (formerly known as the Inflation Managed Dividend Fund).